Design Engineer

Job Description
Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) seeks Full time (M-F 8am-5pm) Design Engineer 2 to work at AMD facility, 7171 SW Parkway Austin, TX 78735 to develop logic schematics &/or circuit schematics & detailed lists of device geometries suitable for use by mask designers. Oversee mask design work including checking final layout & subsequent plots & films. Develop test specifications & test patterns for product. Analyze design & performance trade-offs & makes recommendations to improve product yield performance/reliability. Perform redesign of existing products to improve yield, performance/reliability. Work on related projects &/or assignments as needed. Perform logic & circuit design verification via software/hardware. The position requires a MS degree in Computer or Electrical Engineering plus demonstrated experience with or knowledge of EAD tools pertinent to the design, verification, timing (speed) & electrical analysis of transistor level circuits; schematics entry & layout editing tools such as CADENCE; circuit simulation tools such as HSPICE; functional logic equivalency or formal verification tools, such as ESPCV or LEC; SOI/Bulk CMOS Process Technologies & device reliability (HCI, NBTI, PBTI device aging effects); integrated logic, circuit design & Scripting skills; & significant understanding of Advanced Computer

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