Engineer, Staff II - Software Systems

Job Description
Be responsible for the design and development of BRCM APIs for Ethernet PHY and switching devices, Pre-silicon development support using Architectural model, FPGA systems, post silicon bring up, validation and debug. Work closely with Hardware, Architecture and Design teams to define requirements and architecture for Ethernet Phys/Switches/Reference boards and to implement the necessary software support for these in Broadcom SDK.
MS/BS CS/EE Degree or equivalent required. * Minimum of 3-5 years of Software Development experience (Drivers & API) * Very strong programming skills in C * Experience with RTOS, e.g. VxWorks, embedded Linux, etc. * Experience with device drivers and/or diagnostics and understanding of hardware devices * System primitives such as timers, DMA, interrupts, cache configuration and device registration * Familiarity Ethernet MAC and PHY, physical layer devices/transceivers * Experience with layer 2, layer 3 networking protocols, e.g. Ethernet, IP forwarding, MPLS, MAC-in-MAC, WLAN switching, Tunneling, Ethernet OAM. * Excellent work ethic, dependable, and responsible * Must be a flexible self-starter who can ramp up with new technologies quickly * Imaginative, motivated, and able to work effectively under pressure * Strong logical and creative problem-solving skills, good oral and written ommunication skills, and excellent analytical skills
Experience 3 - 5 Years
Industry Type IT Software, Software Services
Role Software Developer
Functional Area Network Administration, Security
Education UG - Any Graduate
PG - Any PG Course
Location Bengaluru/Bangalore
Keywords Software Development, Ethernet PHY, Switching, Presilicon Development, , Programming, RTOS, Embedded Linux, DMA, IP, MPLS, WLAN, Ethernet OAM

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